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Tag: Sports

TPO Plus 24 – Task 1

Do you think participating in dangerous outdoor activities such as rock-climbing is a brave or foolish behavior? State your opinion and explain why.

M.TPO 101 – Task 1

What should universities do to ensure that their professors are not only experts in their fields, but good at teaching students as well?

M.TPO 29 – Task 1

Do you think that parents should be allowed to educate their children at home, or should they be required to send children to school outside…

M.TPO 44 – Task 1

Some people prefer to finish the assignment a long time before the due date while others prefer finishing an assignment right before the due date.…

Speaking 1 #58

Some people believe old people should not take risk and participate adventurous or challenging events as the young people do. Do you agree and why?…