Common TOEFL Speaking Questions & Sample Answers

Preparing for the TOEFL speaking test? Knowing the best possible answers to these questions can help you hone your skills and boost your score. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of sample answers you can use to practice for different TOEFL speaking questions.

Describe a teacher who had an influence on you

I was fortunate to have an incredible teacher in the 11th grade who had a huge impact on me. Her name was Ms. Smith and she taught our English class.Ms Smith was not only an outstanding instructor, but also an excellent mentor and role model for us. She had a unique way of engaging the students with her passionate teaching style. She made us feel inspired, motivated and excited about learning and Literature. Even many years later, I still recall her lessons where she helped us analyze stories from different perspectives and encouraged us to discover our inner creativity while providing great life advice.

Talk about a hobby or activity that you enjoy

One hobby I really enjoy is playing the guitar. I’ve been playing for about four years now and it has become a source of great joy and relaxation for me. Playing allows me to express my emotions and creativity in a way that words fail to do. It also helps me unplug from day-to-day life and focus on something productive while still having fun. Additionally, it has helped me develop different skills like patience, discipline, and problem solving that have translated into other aspects of my life as well.

Discuss someone you admire

My biggest source of inspiration is my mom. She is incredibly hardworking and resourceful, willing to put in the extra effort to find solutions when faced with a difficult problem. On top of that, she is always supportive, loves to see me succeed, and never lets difficulties discourage her. She shows me what courage and determination look like and has made me realize anything worth having is worth working for. Her valor inspires me every day and I’m proud to call her my role model.

Describe an accomplishment that you are proud of

One accomplishment I’m proud of is the completion of my university degree. It was a lot of hard work to finish school while still working part-time to support myself. After four years of dedication, determination, and long nights of studying, I was able to complete my studies and graduate with honors. Finishing my university degree gave me the confidence and skills necessary to pursue and achieve my career goals.

Explain what motivates you to do well in school

For me, achievement has always been an important driver of personal growth. I’m motivated to do my best in school because I have a passion for learning and growing. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve been able to master new skills and knowledge. Additionally, doing well in school allows me to “prove myself” and show that hard work pays off. The education I receive is a critical stepping stone towards the career path that I want to pursue, so that also motivates me to excel academically.

The above samples are some common questions and sample answers for TOEFL Speaking Task 1, in addition you can also visit our TOEFL practice questions section.