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TOEF Writing Section

The TOEFL iBT test Writing section assesses the capability of you to compose in English in an academic/ campus environment, and also to communicate your ideas in a succinct organized manner.

Overview of TOEFL Writing    

Writing Section TaskRead a passage, listen to a recording, type your response
Number of Questions  2 Tasks
Time Duration50 minutes
Reading Passages
Score Range0 – 30
Type of QuestionsWriting

There are 2 writing tasks.

The entire Writing section contains 2 tasks – (1) Integrated writing task and (2) Individual writing task.

Integrated writing task (20 minutes):

Read the passage in a quick quantity while listening to brief lecture. Then write on the spot in response the details you have actually read and heard.

Individual writing task (30 minutes):

Write an essay based upon your personal knowledge or experience of your own in response to a provided writing subject.

You’ll write your answers using a keyboard for a computer (or hand write them out for your TOEFL iBT Paper Edition).

Test time: You have 50 minutes to complete the Writing section.

Ratings: Writing tasks are scored according to scoring standards in the Writing scoring Guides (Rubrics) (PDF) using a combination of AI scoring and certified human raters. Ratings are then converted into the scaled section score of zero to thirty.

Prepare for TOEFL Writing with practice and self-studying

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