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TOEFL Speaking item

TPO Plus 34 – Task 1

If a university has a $5,000 scholarship to award, which students do you think should receive the scholarship: students with high academic performance or students…

TPO Plus 33 – Task 1

Some people plan in advance for their next travel experience, while others make decisions while they are traveling. Which do you prefer?

TPO Plus 31 – Task 1

Some people think historical sites should be open to the public, while others think historical sites should only be open to experts and researchers. Which…

TPO Plus 30 – Task 1

Should countries give financial incentives to car companies that make vehicles that use alternative fuels (other than oil and gas)? Explain your answer.

TPO Plus 27 – Task 1

Some people think the government has a greater impact on environmental protection, while others believe individuals matter more. Which one do you think is more…

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