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English Alphabet Pronunciation Lessons

Get confidence speaking English

The TOEFL test is an English language exam that assesses your proficiency level for adapting to and thriving in a fast-paced campus life in English-speaking regions. At helloTOEFL, we understand that many students face challenges with English pronunciation, which is why we have developed a comprehensive video series to help you master these essential skills.

  1. Importance of English Pronunciation: To become a proficient English speaker, it is crucial to have a solid grasp of how to pronounce the 26 letters in the alphabet. These letters form the foundation of English communication and play a vital role in your language journey.

  2. helloTOEFL’s Video Series: Our video series is designed to improve your pronunciation of each English alphabet. Through these engaging and informative videos, you will not only enhance your pronunciation skills but also gain a clear understanding of the distinction between consonants and vowels and how to articulate them accurately.

  3. Building a Strong Foundation: Mastering English pronunciation is a fundamental step for every student, acting as a stepping stone for more complex TOEFL-related topics like sentence patterns and word usage. By honing your pronunciation skills, you will build a solid foundation that supports your overall language development.

  4. Enhanced English Speaking and Listening: As you progress with proper pronunciation, you will witness remarkable improvements in both your English speaking and listening abilities. Accurate pronunciation forms the cornerstone of effective communication, making it easier for others to understand you and for you to comprehend spoken English.

English Alphabet Pronunciation​

Alphabet Pronunciation Lessons: A, B, C

Let’s start with first 3 letters of the 26-letters in the English alphabet.

  • Alphabet Pronunciation of A, B, C
  • Teacher: Phoebe ( Canadian Accent)
  • Video Length:  8:19
  • Watch it on Youtube
  • Alphabet Pronunciation of D, E, F
  • Teacher: Phoebe (Canadian Accent)
  • Video Length: 8:54
  • Watch on Youtube

(3) Letter G, H, I

  • Alphabet Pronunciation of G, H, I
  • Teacher: Phoebe (Canadian Accent)
  • Video Length: 9:03
  • Watch on Youtube

(4) Letter J, K, L

  • Alphabet Pronunciation of J, K, L
  • Teacher: Phoebe (Canadian Accent)
  • Video Length: 9:30
  • Watch on Youtube

(5) Letter M, N, O

  • Alphabet Pronunciation of M, N, O
  • Teacher: Phoebe (Canadian Accent)
  • Video Length: 9:28
  • Watch on Youtube