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托福口語模板 (TOEFL Speaking templates)


撇去英文的發音標準與清晰度,許多托福考生口語拿不到高分,是由於答題時,答案不夠完整,內容不足, 或者想表達的觀點太多,至於超時又沒有完成觀點的敘述。這時建議進行兩點練習: (1) 到helloTOEFL的口語練習題庫,學習老師的示範答案,用老師的答案來練習錄音,並且鍛鍊語速與發音; (2) 自己練習使用口語答題模板,來進行回答。

註: 托福口語模板( TOEFL Speaking Template) ,可以幫助我們在備考時,更快的答題。練習使用模板答題,能幫助你更好的規範你的答案,讓你更好的掌握該如何答題。然而當你更加熟練答題時,要開始擺脫模板,才能在考試時取得更好的表現。 (ETS考官能感覺到考生是否使用模版答題,會影響打分)。

口語: Q1答題模板 (Personal Choice)

“I agree with the idea that…”
“I think it is better to…”
“I think it is a great/terrible idea to…”
TTransition (選擇性的連接句)
“I feel this way for several reasons.”
R1第一個理由… (Reason 1)
“First…” + “For example…” (and a personal example)
R2第二個理由… (Reason 2)
“Second…” + “To be more specific…” (and a few more details)

口語練習題庫: TPO Plus 36 – Task 1
Do you agree or disagree that it is important for young people to learn some domestic skills like cooking, sewing and taking care of children?


開場 Opening :
I do not think teaching young people domestic skills such as cooking, sewing or childcare is important.

理由2 (R1) : 孩子重心應該放在學術學習與玩耍.
When children are young, they should be concerned with learning academic skills and playing.

理由2 (R2) : 孩子可能會傷害到自己(火災,刀傷等等)
Young children should not be in the kitchen as they may burn themselves, start a fire, or cut themselves with a knife. They should not be sewing because they could poke themselves with the needle or sew something together incorrectly.
Because they are children themselves, they should not be taking care of other children.

結論 (C):家政技能是成年責任,孩子成年後會有機會學習家政技能。
These responsibilities are too much for young children.
Adults should be the ones to take care of these duties. Children will have plenty of time to learn domestic skills when they become an adult.

口語: Q2答題模板 (Campus Announcement)

口語題型2是關於校園的變化,先是一篇閱讀:比如學校宣布食堂開放時間縮短,學生寫信給學校要求宿舍不准養寵物, 等等…

The man expresses his opinion of the student’s proposal in the letter.
State the man’s opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

O開場, 敘述閱讀重點…
“According to the announcement/article/letter…”
閱讀內容裡面,發生的事情的理由 Reasons from Reading
“This is because _ and _.”
State the key speaker’s opinion
The woman opposes this…..
The man supports this change …
“To begin with, he points out that…”
“There are two reasons why the man supports/opposes this change.”
“The man has a mixed opinion of this change.” (only for mixed-opinion conversations)
R1First Reason
“First of all, he argues that…”
R2Second Reason
“Moreover, he mentions that…”

口語: Q3答題模板 (General to Specific)

O開場 Stating the Term or Idea
“The reading is about (TERM/CONCEPT)”
Give a Small Amount of Detail from the Reading
“It states that…”
“The professor elaborates on this by providing an example.”
“The professor elaborates on this by providing two examples.”
E1First Example/First Part
“To begin with, he/she mentions that…”
E2Second Example/Second Part
“Next, he/she says that…”

口語: Q4 答題模板 (Academic Lecture)

O開場 Stating the Lecture Subject and detail
“The lecturer explains SUBJECT/TERM by giving two examples/an example.”
E1First Example/First Part (3-5 sentences)
“First, she/he describes…”
E1Second Example/Second part (3-5 sentences)
“Second, she mentions…”
CGive a Short Conclusion
“These examples (this example) demonstrate…”

學到了托福口語的模板答題方式,要在記憶尤新的時候抓緊套用練習,才能更好的學習。 helloTOEFL的托福口語題庫中,有大量的練習題,以及名師的範例答案。快去練習吧!

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