Course Series: TPO Plus


TPO Plus 34 – Task 1

If a university has a $5,000 scholarship to award, which students do you think should receive the scholarship: students with high academic performance or students with financial need?

TPO Plus 33 – Task 1

Some people plan in advance for their next travel experience, while others make decisions while they are traveling. Which do you prefer?

TPO Plus 32 – Task 1

Some people like to keep old things even if they are broken or have no practical use, do you agree or disagree?

TPO Plus 31 – Task 1

Some people think historical sites should be open to the public, while others think historical sites should only be open to experts and researchers. Which do you think it better?

TPO Plus 30 – Task 1

Should countries give financial incentives to car companies that make vehicles that use alternative fuels (other than oil and gas)? Explain your answer.

TPO Plus 29 – Task 1

If there is vacant land in your community, do you think it should be used to build a business to provide more job opportunities or to build a park for people to enjoy?

TPO Plus 28 – Task 1

Some schools teach students world history, while others teach students the history of their own country. Which do you think is better?

TPO Plus 27 – Task 1

Some people think the government has a greater impact on environmental protection, while others believe individuals matter more. Which one do you think is more influential on environmental protection?

TPO Plus 26 – Task 1

Do you think it is better to read or watch negative news or positive news? Explain your answer.

TPO Plus 25 – Task 1

Do you think it is a good idea for lectures to be recorded and uploaded onto the school’s website?