TOEFL Scoring System

TOEFL Scoring System

The TOEFL ( Test of English as Foreign Language ) is one of the most important English accreditations around the world, as it demonstrates our abilities and skills in communicating in English. TOEFL scoring system, This exam has been used by US universities for years as an essential requirement for the admission of students from outside the US. That is why it is very important to know what are the levels offered by this title and what is the specific score that you will need depending on your objectives. All these doubts will be solved when reading the following post.

Are you going to take the TOEFL test ? Do you need help to know what points you can get? In this post we will explain in detail what are the possibilities offered by this test and how to analyze your results.


What is the TOEFL iBT scoring system like?

Each of the scores of the official language exams or certifications varies and it is important to take into account what each figure means in order to set our objectives . In addition, it is important to note that the TOEFL IBT test is a single test , that is, we will always receive a score and a title according to our qualifications. TOEFL scoring system, It depends on the university we want to access, we must take into account what the access requirements are to meet our objective.

The TOEFL IBT certification has four different tests that assess our abilities in four competencies: listening, writing, speaking and writing. Each of these three tests is evaluated from 0 to 30 points, so the total score will be between 0 and 120 points .


What is the TOEFL IBT score for each part?

Each of the four skills has four or five levels of mastery depending on the grade obtained. Those four scores will always appear on our report card.



In the case of Reading (reading comprehension) if we are between 0-3 points we will be below the low intermediate ; between 4 and 17 in the low intermediate ; from 18 to 23 points in the upper intermediate  and we will obtain an advanced level between 24 and 30 .

TOEFL Scoring System
TOEFL Scoring System

How does the TOEFL iBT scoring system work?



Regarding Listening (listening comprehension) we will be below the low intermediate between 0 and 8 points ; in the low intermediate between 9 and 16 ; in the upper intermediate from 18 to 23 points and we will reach the advanced level between 22 and 30 points .



Regarding Speaking or oral expression, we will find ourselves below the basic level between 0 and 9 points ; in the basic between 10 and 15 points. From 16 to 19 we will be able to be in a low intermediate domain and from 20 to 24 in a high intermediate domain . Finally, if we achieve a score of between 25 and 30 points, we will be in the advanced domain .



We will find the five levels in the same way in the Writing test (written expression), since between 0 and 6 points will mean a level below basic ; from 7 to 12 the basic level ; a low intermediate between 13 and 16 and between 17 and 23 a high intermediate . Thus we achieve an advanced stage between 24 and 30 .


TOEFL levels: What score should I get?

In the TOEFL it is not passed or it is suspended, we always obtain a level according to our real knowledge of the language or our performance on the exam. This means that if you gave a better or a lower performance during the exam, then you will be graded at a higher or lower level. Therefore, the score that we must obtain always depends on the institution we want to access or according to the objective we set ourselves. TOEFL scoring system, If we are talking about US universities, we should always enter their website and see clearly what level they demand of us . Sometimes a minimum score is required to enter Mexican universities as well.


Know all about the TOEFL iBT score

In addition, it must be taken into account that each of the two exams (TOEFL IBT or TOEFL ITP) are different when scoring. Next, we are going to show a table differentiating the scores to see to which level each of the total scores of the exam belong ( comparison with the CEFR levels )

Remember that the validity of this exam is two years since it is considered that from the second year one can improve or deteriorate the level of English.


When will I get my TOEFL IBT score?

You will receive an email approximately 6 days after taking the test indicating that your results can now be consulted online. TOEFL scoring system, However, the PDF grade report will be available 8 days after the test so you can download them without any problem. If you requested a printed copy of your results, before taking the TOEFL IBT, it will arrive 11 days after passing the test.

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